When Calender Girls actor Ruhi Singh found a lizard under her seat in SpiceJet flight


RuhiModel-turned-actress Ruhi Singh had ‘creepy’ experience when she had to change her seat after a lizard came out of her plane seat and ran towards the window shade and overhead luggage cabin. Singh, who starred in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Calendar Girls, raised questions on the hygiene standard maintained by the airlines.

Actress, who was in Chennai for promotion of her upcoming Tamil movie, was on her way back to Mumbai when the incident took place. Former Miss India claims that she booked a premium ticket so that she can take a break from her tiring schedule but soon after the take-off a lizard came below her seat and went to the window of the light.

“I am not scared of lizards but the sight is also not welcoming. I was astonished to spot a lizard in the plane and immediately informed the cabin crew but they were not of much help,” Singh told Mail Today.

Actress also posted a video of the lizard running on the plane on social media platform. Sharing video she wrote, “I booked myself a spicemax seat (for which I paid extra money) to be seated next to a lizard! I’m extremely worried about your hygiene standards now, and the fact that the cabin crew laughed it off as it’s a common occurrence got me quite shocked.”

In a similar incident involving reptile in 2015, a passenger allegedly spotted a lizard in the meal tray provided by Air India’s London bound flight however the airlines denied any such incident terming reports as false and baseless.

Singh said she was not a grumpy passenger but changed the seat on the request of cabin crew who could not shoo away the reptile. “Not only I was shocked but even other passengers were petrified as reptile kept moving in the plane. It created a Ruhi questions hygiene standard of Spicejet flight small ruckus. Cabin crew laughed on the issue and said they can’t do much till the time plane lands,” she said.

Mail Today contacted the airlines for their comment but comment but the incident could not be established. Senior official claims that it is unlikely that a lizard comes inside the plane as a thorough check is done before the plane takes off. According to sources, actress could not be contacted by the airlines so that her case can be verified.

As per Singh, the incident happened just before the food was served and questions the hygiene guideline followed by airlines. “The reptile could have fell into someone’s food making them sick or could have made other passengers extremely scared but it doesn’t seem that the airlines is bothered about it as there is no explanation from them. Passengers should not be taken for granted and they should get the service for which they have paid for,” she said.

Source: indiatoday