Houzz Marketing Is it Right for Your Business? [Infographic]

Houzz Marketing Is it Right for Your Business?

Visual social media is here to stay. The popularity of Pinterest, Instagram and other platforms are undeniable and make fertile ground for marketing. Various niche visual sites are popping up as well, and Houzz, with over 25 million monthly users, is emerging as a real powerhouse of marketing for architects, builders, designers and others.

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Why Use Houzz?

First, a 30-second overview of the way Houzz works. Users create ideabooks which serve as a kind of wishlist for their upcoming projects. They are comprised of images uploaded by professionals, and each image is clearly marked with that professionals business name, making it easy for that person or anyone who sees the ideabook, to know who did that amazing patio job, or where to buy that gorgeous lamp, or where to find a custom home plan in the perfect style. You get the point. Once they spot you, they check out your profile and can learn much more about you, your reputation, other projects, and find your website or other social channels as they try to decide who to hire or where to buy. Here are some ideabooks as displayed on Houzz notice the professionals names are easy to spot.

These homeowners collecting images for their dream homes/yards/pools not just dreaming, either. Fully 48 percent of homeowners surveyed for the 2013 Houzz and Home report report that they are are planning to remodel or build an addition or custom home in the next two years. And 84% say they intend to decorate or redecorate. Of those, 58% plan to hire a professional. Looks like the economic recovery is coming to at least this industry! Houzz is a great platform for discovery, so make sure youre there. What do you do when youre researching design ideas or service companies? You Google it! Well, Houzz pages are showing up in Google results and the reviews you always look at before you hire someone? Those can be on Houzz, too. Even if your clientele is computer-averse, you can help them send in paper copies and Houzz will add them. And then there are the 25 million+ who use Houzz every month just to find people like you When you hire someone to work in your home or business, you want to know youre going to be comfortable with them. Youre not alone. In the report cited above, homeowners cited a personality I can work with as more important than cost. Houzz projects, ideabooks and discussions give you ample opportunity to let your outstanding personality shine through just as well as your great work or amazing products.

Who Should Use Houzz?

Any business offering home and property building, design, improvement, repair, landscaping, pools, or products such as furniture, draperies, and decorating items. Even businesses such as design schools, real estate companies, architectural firms and solar energy companies can succeed on Houzz.


Whats the Best Way to Use Houzz for Marketing?

As with all social media platforms, make sure you set up your profile completely. Use appropriate keywords and list every city or town you service, if appropriate.
Use high-quality photos and lots of them.
Stay active in discussions and answer all direct questions. Not only do you increase your exposure directly, but an active profile gets a boost in the Houzz algorithm.
Get customer reviews your potential customers will be looking for them.
Sell your products directly on Houzz.
Network with other professionals in a Pro-to-Pro discussion.
When you engage in discussions, you might look for local user discussions and be discouraged if you dont see any. Do not despair! Engaging on ANY discussion is good for your exposure on Houzz. Not to mention the fact that your answer to a homeowner in Phoenix might be seen by a homeowner in your very own town who had the same question! Being helpful is always in your best interests on any social platform.

Getting Started on Houzz:

1.Set up your profile on Houzz.
1.Use keywords.
2.Add a cover photo (1200300 px).
3.Fill in every single field you can find!

2.Get at least 3 customer reviews.
3.Create a project and upload at least five images. Make your descriptions as detailed as possible.
4.Add the Houzz badge to your site.
5.Start engaging in discussions.
So, what do you think? Could Houzz be a good platform for your business? Check out the infographic below for some more Houzz goodness, and if you like it, give us a share, wont you?