Lee Daniels says he wants to expose homophobia


PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — The creator of Foxs prime-time soap Empire said he wants to blow the lid off homophobia in the African-American community with a depiction of the shows lead characters hostile relationship with his gay son.

Lee2Lee Daniels, who was also behind the movies Lee Daniels The Butler and Precious, said that his own fathers hostility toward gays frightened him and he knows the same attitudes are being passed on from one generation to another in households around the world.

What were trying to do is to give people the opportunity to see that what theyre doing is painful, Daniels said at a television conference on Saturday.

Empire, the story of a strong-willed music family whose patriarch, Lucious Lyon, is portrayed by actor Terrence Howard, has gotten off to a strong start this month at the ratings-challenged Fox network. The series had the unusual feat of growing in viewership from its premiere week to its second, compelling Fox to quickly give the go-ahead to a second season.

During the shows first episode, Lyon learns he has a fatal disease and is battling with his just-released-from-jail wife over which of their three sons will take over their music empire. Lyon is openly hostile to his gay son Jamal. During a flashback, Lyon is shown stuffing Jamal into a garbage can when he sees the boy trying on his mothers high heels.

Im glad that I can show the African-American community that this is what youre doing to your son, this is what youre doing to your nephew, this is what youre doing to the kid down the street, Howard said.

Daniels said that he believes if his father were alive today, he would have evolved in his thinking.

Jussie Smollett, the actor who portrays Jamal, said hes been overwhelmed by the response to the story line that he has seen in social media.

If there are viewers who can see themselves in Jamal, thats incredibly dope and I embrace that, Smollett said.

At a time the movie industry is under fire for its commitment to diversity — only white actors received nominations when last weeks Oscar contenders were announced — Empire is seen as making strides in that area.

Taraji P. Henson, the actress who plays Lucious wife Cookie, said entertainment executives take notice when shows dominated by minority cast members make money.

Viewers want to see people who look like them on television, Smollett said. Theyre also interested in people that dont look like them, he said.

Right now were seeing people enjoy the culture of America, the culture of the world, Daniels said. Were showing real life now.

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