Make Your Recruitment Process Simple with Recruitment Box


Recruiter Box is recruitment software developed to simplify your human resource activities. The software manages everything from posting job openings to assigning work to the candidates.


Whether it’s a small scale industry or a large scale industry, a small business office or a large business office, every firm and company needs people to work there. The process to fill these working positions is called recruitment.Recruitment

Recruitment in general is the whole process of hiring a candidate for the work which includes attracting the candidates for the job, short listing the candidates for the interview, interviewing the candidates, selecting the righteous candidate and appointing the same to the work.

Recruitment modes and recruitment software

The process of recruitment is done by various methods which include:

Hiring a recruitment agency to fill your job vacancies
Hiring a consultancy for sending the candidates
Advertising in the newspapers for the job
Consulting advertisement agency for your job advertisements
Advertising using internet and using various online job portals.
The most recent development in the recruiting process is the use of recruitment software. provides effective solution for all the recruitment needs. It lets you choose the best of the candidates and hence improves your overall candidate selection process. It helps to select the most deserving and qualified candidates.Recruitment2

Working of software

The software uses the modern interface and technology to help you in your human resource operations which includes:

1.Posting job opening
2.Updating the status of posts
3.Short listing the resumes
4.Structuring the recruitment process
5.Updating the status of candidates throughout the recruitment process
6.Selecting the candidates according to their performance in the interview and other tasks.
Recruiter Box provides the easy to use and most intuitive recruitment software.