Online Marketing Eight Ways to Spend Less and Get More

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Marketing 1So, your online marketing is working, but times are tough, and you need to cut back. Or, maybe its time for an audit and you know your budget is going to be questioned. And really, everyone loves to save money. When push comes to shove, can you really get more for less when it comes to online marketing? Maybe.

Spending a fortune on Google AdWords or Facebook advertising? Its easy to do! Did you know you can dramatically cut your costs by simply learning how to Its true! Google uses a relevance score to determine how much to charge you. Either spend some time learning about AdWords and Facebook ads, or hire someone to set it up for you. A moderate investment now can save you a lot in the future.


It costs just as much to create a crummy landing page as an inspiring one, but a good landing page will make the most of your PPC traffic AND your organic and referral traffic. For instance, if you are paying $100 to drive traffic to your landing page and it is only converting 5% of visitors, some simple improvements could bring your conversion rate way up for little or even no cost. This one might be worth enlisting the help of an agency at least once, so you can get an idea of how to create your own.

Using an Agency for Everything? Take Some Online Marketing In-House

If your budget is tied up in agency fees, could you For instance, if you are paying hundreds each month for content creation, could you assign the sales agent who has some free time each week to take over? Be sure he or she has excellent writing skills, basic knowledge of SEO and has a clear picture of your buyer personas. Maybe that person is you. Who knows your business better than you do?

Fix Your Website

You can throw thousands of dollars at Google, but if your website is ugly, confusing, unusable on , or lacks , youre wasting it. Spend some money to fix your website first. Your budget will thank you later. Some agencies offer , which might provide the help you need. But, check first on the combined cost of the audit and implementation and compare that to the cost of an entirely new site design. The new design may turn out to be the better choice.

Know What Works

Knowing which social platforms, groups, websites and email campaigns are sending traffic, leads and customers to your site is key. Armed with this knowledge, you can spend more time on what is working and either tweak or abandon what isnt. For example if you are paying $500/month for Facebook management, but you are getting more leads from Twitter where you are only paying $300/month, can you back off on Facebook a bit and pump up the Twitter activity?

Use Email Marketing

Do you have a list of contacts with email addresses? Are you communicating with them regularly? Studies show that has the highest ROI of any online marketing. Its inexpensive, makes it easy to track results, and is simple enough for anyone in your office to attempt. It is also often affordable through agencies.Marketing 2

Keep Up with Whats New

This one is a challenge, even for those of us in marketing full time! But, knowing what is new in platforms, what kinds of trends are emerging, and what new hit might be a perfect fit for your business can help you get the most from your marketing budget. This is where working with a good agency can really save time for you. However, you can keep up us or other popular marketing blogs like
There are lots of great

Use Free Stuff

There are lots of great free inbound marketing tools. You may not need enterprise-level tools to get the job done, so check them out!

Do you have any tips for saving money on online marketing? Please share below?