Pinterest Is Your Business Profile Sending The Right Message?


Im on Pinterest and Im looking for you. I want to engage with businesses like yours repin your pins, like them, comment on them, or maybe invite you to my group board. So, I search maybe by category, maybe using the search box.

Today I looked for outdoors and clicked on the first pin that interested me. I went to see who pinned it and got this:

Pinterest 1Granted, this is likely a personal account, not a business account, but countless business accounts similarly pass up on the opportunity to tell the world a little about them and give us all a chance to find them other places online. The message this profile sends is, I dont care if you know who I am or what Im about. Probably not the one YOU want to send!

Start with Your Profile Image

Unless you sell pushpins, the default image is not good enough for you. Choose something that looks good even when it is only 165165 pixels. Upload it as 600600 for best clarity. Many companies choose to use their logo or a variation thereof.

Enter a Description

Use keywords when describing your business Pinterest presence (in 160 characters or less). Tell us why to follow you, what you share.

Where are you?

When you edit your profile, you can add your location and you should. What if I want to follow florists in my town of Wilmington, or for a client I want to find auto repair in Cleveland? If your location isnt listed, Im not going to go looking for it. Ill just follow someone who made it easy.


Add Your Website

Once its added, verify it for a trust-building check mark to the right of your URL.

Add Twitter

Add your Twitter account for a link on your profile, to enable login from Twitter, and to allow your pins to be shared directly to Twitter when you pin. Go to Account Settings.

Add Facebook Maybe

At this time, you can only link a Facebook profile to your Pinterest account not a business page. If you add Facebook, youll be able to log in to Pinterest using Facebook, there will be an icon linked to your Facebook profile from your Pinterest profile (may or may not be a good thing!) and your friends will see your Pinterest activity in their newsfeed on Facebook (if selected). Again, this is set up in Account Settings.

Pinterest3Pinterest ebookOnce you have your profile complete, youre ready to start interacting with other Pinterest users. When they visit your boards and see your completed profile, theyll get YOUR message loud and clear!