Pinterest Messaging Can it be Used for Marketing?


So, yesterday, I published a blog post on sending pins as a messaging tactic because it seemed an under-utilized feature. Hours later, Pinterest released Pinterest Messaging, and the whole (Pinterest-obsessed) world was abuzz. Check out the video to see what its about:

Basically, now you can send a pin and start a conversation! Previously, you could send a message with a pin, but it just went to the recipients email, and there was really no way for them to respond. I know I missed pins, and the reason I know I missed them is that when I updated my Pinterest app for iPad, there was one waiting for me from four days ago!

Not only could I see it, I could (and did) send a reply. Awesome!

When you update your smartphone or tablet app, or log out and back in on desktop, youll see it its a new option alongside notifications. Something else I love is that when you have an active conversation on desktop, it leaves the profile photo of the person youre messaging open, so you dont have to go back to notifications to re-enter the conversation. Ahhh, Pinterest, how I love thee!

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As Jeff Sieh said, I think this is a game changer. Agreed, Jeff. I keep Facebook open for messaging. Now Im going to keep Pinterest open for the same reason. I hope they add audio notification options soon!

So, How Can We Use Pinterest Messaging in Marketing?

There are so many possibilities here. Unlike the old send a pin feature, messaging allows for a back and forth conversation. Making a message you send seem a lot more like evidence that you can than a spammy sales tactic.

Here are some real-world examples where it might work:

If youre a real estate agent, you can send a pin of a house you think your client might be interested in seeing. He or she can reply with questions, you can answer, etc.
If youre a designer and someone asks for samples of your work, you can send them to an entire portfolio board (also a great use for Pinterest), but you can also send them an example of something you think they might like and have a back and forth. You and the recipient can send more pins and they will stay in the same message thread. Brilliant.
Feel like you need to reconnect with a business associate in a casual, fun way? Send a friendly message, with or without a pin.
Want to invite someone to pin to your group board? You could create and send a pin that captures the essence of the board and add a friendly welcome message. Someone misbehaving on your board? Send a gentle reminder of the rules. So very collaborative! Joann Hines (a power-pinner if ever there was one) had mentioned something similar to this yesterday, but now its more powerful than ever!
The in-office uses are myriad planning meetings, outings projects especially since you can now send a pin and message to several people at once. The personal uses even better. What do you think of this haircut? Nah, this blue mohawk is better! You get it!

Caution Still Needed

We still need to exercise common sense here. There is no way to delete a message or string of messages, though you can unsend a pin for approximately two seconds after you hit the button.

You can report and block Pinterest messagesPinterest has made it very easy for people to report messages they dont like (and block you at the same time), so before you hit send, ask yourself if there is ANYTHING about the message or the pin that might be off-putting. Thanks for spotting this, Kelly Lieberman.

When you send a pin, it sends with the description currently on the pin. So, if you dont like that, repin it and change the description before you send it (thanks to Peg Fitzpatrick for noticing this one).

Are there more fabulous uses for Pinterest messaging especially when it comes to marketing? Yeah, Im sure there are. And well figure them out after we stop gushing. Any uses you care to share with us?

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PS Thanks to Peg Fitzpatrick and Dorien of More In Media for experimenting with me on messages last night! I hope you got to sleep earlier than I did! Make sure you check out Doriens blog post on Pinterest Messaging. Im off to do so right now!