Read to know how to promote the app without spending a single penny!


Technology is increasing with each passing day, and gain the access to the wider public it is doubly important to set the right pace to gain the mileage for the unstoppable mobile and gadget industry.


Gone are the days when the mobile phone was only used just calling and texting but, now the situation is altogether different aspect of the mobile phones or rather smart phones have taken the front seat. The market is hoarded with the android phones that are captivating the larger segment of the markets. In this write up, we will be discussing on how to promote our android app.

Android apps mobile software application developed for use on devices powered by Googles Android platform. One can say it is the powerhouse of the mobile. With the thriving app store that helps user to get the best features as well.

Android apps are in abundance, why some of the apps have more users and some do not have many user in the kitty the reason could be many but one aspect that if of taken seriously could affect its popularity among the users on how to promote your android app.

We bring you certain tips to on how you can promote android app

1.Make your own micro site: make two three web pages that will allow users understand the user everything related to that particular app you are about launch and the one you want to promote the app.
2.Build a blog: blogging is the other smart way to connect to the wider audience in order to know what all app is all about .connect your micro site with the blog that is specially made for the app.
3.Share your content: use social networking sites like and Twitter, Face book, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles to promote the app quite a few times in a week.
Make the video of your app: create your video, where you can tell the various aspect of the app that people can identify with it.
Pitch to app review website: there are various sites the creates a lot of buzz for your app some of the major app review websites like app store app, 148 apps.
4.Contact blogger who specialize in the particular field: identify, the blogger that writes for particular niche that relates to your app for example if your app is related to health and fitness make sure the blogger is expert in writing health and fitness related apps.mobile2
5.Create a face book group: face book is the superb medium to promote the apps as well, as this bring the people come together with common interest. For example if your app is related to child care then you make the group like group for new mother and so on.
Collect emails of the potential customers: assemble email of the future prospect through the social networking sites like, Twitter, Face book this will allow to get the email id of the potential user. This is said be the best tool in online marketing.