How to Rock Twitter This Year


Twitter is a social media tool, one that needs little introduction. After Facebook, it is one of the largest and most popular ways for people to connect online. Furthermore, that connectivity can bring new customers your way. Here’s how to rock Twitter this year.

1. Review your profile. Your profile tells others about you. As such, it should present enough information in about 160 characters to get your point across. Always be straightforward, removing extraneous words and characters. What you can’t fit in the profile can be supplemented by a profile photo containing additional information. Type that information on a sheet, take a picture of same and post it accordingly.

2. Establish a game plan. Where do you want to go with Twitter? Are you seeking to connect with other followers? Win new customers? Get additional attention for your business? You need to establish specific goals and work toward reaching each one. Be realistic! At the same time, shoot for the moon and you’ll come away with at least some improvements.


3. Use photos. Every tweet with an accompanying photo will get more attention than any message sent without one. Twitter is a visual network and users love photography, especially pictures that are interesting, informative or funny. Use your library of photos or secure copyright free photos to include with your topics. Twitter allows you to include up to three photos with every tweet.

4. Connect with Facebook. You can connect Twitter to have your posts show up on Facebook. At the same time, when you post to Facebook, those postings can be automatically abbreviated and shared as tweets on Twitter. You should know, however, that photos are not moved over, so use this feature sparingly.

5. Retweet with impunity. If you find a message you like, then share it with your followers. You can simply hit the retweet button or you can add your own comment. Retweeting extends your social media influence and is appreciated by other Twitter users, not just your followers. Those other users may soon become followers.

6. Reconnect with lost followers. Active followers you have lost touch with need to be brought back into the fold. Examine your followers list and determine whom you would love to touch base with. Then, send them a private message and ask what you can do for them. Typically, they’ll reciprocate and do something for you. The more interaction you have on Twitter, the better for your social media influence. Influencers gain new followers and customers.

7. Purge your rolls. One of the downsides of using Twitter is that lots of people quit using the service. Twitter requires a lot of work and you may find that once active people are no longer involved. Use a service such as UnfollowedMe to determine who is no longer active. Purge people not active for the past 90 days to get your followers list down to a manageable number.Twitter2

Toward Your Twitter Success

Now that you know what is required of you, getting there can be a challenge in and of itself. This is where an outside source such as an SEO and social media expert can help you explains Find an expert, discuss your options, and make a decision to rock Twitter this year.

Lastly, explore each of your own social media options to determine how you can integrate them with your Twitter efforts. Besides Facebook, you also have Instagram, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and Google Plus, each representing excellent platforms to help you move forward this year and beyond.