Three Reasons Youre Not Getting Leads from your Website Simple Remedies


You create a great website, go live and then nothing! No phone calls, no emails and no new customers. So, what happened?

Why Dont I Get Leads From my Website?

It could be that your website isnt well designed for lead generation. Maybe youre not giving people incentive to become a lead, or it could be as simple as you not telling them how to become leads.Remedies2

How Can I Get More Leads From My Website? Inbound Marketing.

Getting more traffic to your site is a hot topic, and one weve covered in detail, but for now, well assume that you have people coming to your site just not doing anything when they get there. What you need are basic inbound marketing skills. Heres how to get started:

Your Website Isnt As Good As You Think it Is

Ask an impartial observer to take a look at your site. Get their observations on:

How easy it is to navigate
How readily they can tell what it is you do or sell
Whether or not it feels modern
If they feel like this is a trustworthy site.
Dont ask an employee, business partner, relative, or anyone else who has any context about your business and what you do. You need to find out what people get from the site on their very first visit. If you dont know anyone who fits the bill, many companies offer a free online marketing consultation. Take advantage of it. Then work with your website designer to make changes as necessary.

Youre Not Giving Them a Reason to Become a Lead

Unless a visitor came to your site knowing they wanted to contact you, they are likely just looking. They could be doing research for a DIY project, gathering options for making a purchase, or they could know they want to buy and are now choosing the right company or product for their purchase. In any case, you need to give them what they want in exchange for what YOU want their contact information.

With that in mind, lets pretend you are a dog groomer. You could create ebooks or checklists (content offers) for each stage of the buying funnel, on the following subjects:

How to bathe a dog that hates water for the DIY dog owner (chances are, even with your great advice, theyll end up using a groomer).
When you should hire a professional dog groomer for the dog owner who isnt completely sure they want to do it themselves.
How to find a groomer you can trust for the dog owner who is ready to hire, but needs help finding just the right person (you).
Set up forms for visitors to fill out to download their free guides and you are on your way to lead nurturing and new customers! Learn more about how to make the most of your content offers.

You Dont Tell them What to Do

Starting from about birth, people act like they dont want to be told what to do. However, child or adult, when we feel in over our heads, or we are trying to get help, we often just want someone to tell us what to do next. Does your website do that?Remedies5

Are there very clearly marked calls to action applicable to every page and blog post on your site? For example, your About Us page should include a link to your How to find a groomer you can trust ebook. A blog post about types of doggie shampoos could link to either How to bathe a dog that hates water OR When you should hire a professional dog groomer. Include text links and images (buttons). If you need some examples, just look in the sidebar of this site, and throughout pages and blog posts. Create a resources page that includes all your downloadable content.